1. What are the major differences between real estate photography and other styles?

Real Estate photography captures a broader view than most other types of photography.  Using a wider angle lens allows the viewer to feel more immersed into the shots.  Most other photography takes advantage of close up shots with zoom lenses.

2. What three things would you advise sellers to focus on most for the best quality photographs of their homes/property?

Free of clutter.  Open blinds.  Lights on. Fans off.

3. How have drones and 3D walkthroughs affected real estate photography in recent years?

Drones give a sense of the surrounding area along with birds eye views of the property.   FAA certification is required for all commercial drone operations.  Matterport (Here’s a 3D walkthrough that Kelly shot for me) and Zillow offer 3D tours from the ground giving you the walk through viewing experience.  Allows for a viewer to have complete control over their own viewing experience.  Very powerful for serious lookers wanting to spend more time and feel as though they are inside the property.  Best viewed with 3D goggles.

4. Knowing that 90% of home buyers search online during the process, has your approach changed in recent years knowing that buyers are seeing your work in addition to real estate professionals?

With online being the first place people turn to when searching for a property, the photography is the first impression someone has and usually is the most important to getting them more interested in actually visiting the home in person with an agent.  Better technology like Matterport and Zillow continue to push the viewing experience to the next level.

5. How much does the exterior of the home impact the quality of the photography/videography?

A good clean exterior with clean windows reflect the way a property has been taken care of so the viewer has the best first impression. Recommend power washing any mildew or dark spots wherever present on the exterior of the home before photos are taken.


Kelly Cauble

Local resident to the area for 50+ years.  Started Homeview.net in 2000 helping the Horseshoe Bay and Highland Lakes real estate professionals get the best photography at an affordable price with fast turnaround for quick results.