Crossings Real Estate Is Different

When I began to tell people what I was planning with Crossings Real Estate, they were excited for me.  They loved the idea of raising their expectations.  Unfortunately, it also seemed to lead to conversations about how other real estate professionals operate.  I won’t do it.  Don’t try to get me to discuss other real estate folks.  I respect and like all that I’ve worked with; unless it’s complimentary, save it.

Why try something different?

Good question.  Our industry has made great gains on a lot of fronts; technology has been a game-changer as most new home searches now begin online.  We have greater awareness and energy for upholding fair housing practices and helping people sell and buy homes better and more efficiently.

As a longtime marketing and business professional, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from many wise people about maximizing resources and providing the very best solutions for clients.  Those lessons have lent themselves to utilizing successful marketing practices to help people buy and sell homes.  Also, I am staying in my lane.  With rare exceptions, I generally don’t do commercial, ranch, luxury homes or multifamily.  Anything that is not in my area of expertise and would not maximally benefit you is not the right fit for you.  I’d be glad to help you find the right real estate professional in those instances.

How does the Crossings model work?

We don’t shortchange the process.  Professional photography, marketing plans, follow up and follow through are all included in the package.  Our hope is that you’ll compare every other customer service experience (including real estate) to the one you receive from Crossings.