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5 Questions – Mortgages

In a year that continues to defy "normal", one thing that has been consistent is the strong housing market in our area. While many of us have purchased and sold homes, there's much to know as it relates to the financial aspects of the process. I've invited my friend Cheryl New of Guild Mortgage to answer a few questions that I bet you've wondered about as well (or maybe just me). Cheryl is a Branch Manager and Mortgage Loan Consultant for Guild and has won many awards for her production and [...]

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5 Questions – Real Estate Photography

1. What are the major differences between real estate photography and other styles? Real Estate photography captures a broader view than most other types of photography.  Using a wider angle lens allows the viewer to feel more immersed into the shots.  Most other photography takes advantage of close up shots with zoom lenses. 2. What three things would you advise sellers to focus on most for the best quality photographs of their homes/property? Free of clutter.  Open blinds.  Lights on. Fans off. 3. How have drones and 3D walkthroughs affected [...]

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Closing, Financing & More

What's a CD? If you've ever sold or purchased a home you've likely heard that your title company is waiting on a CD. And if you're like me, you assumed they meant Bon Jovi's classic Slippery When Wet and then wondered why those nice title people don't just get Spotify or Apple Music? It turns out that CD stands for "Closing Disclosure" and is provided by the lender to review at least 72 hours before closing. Courtesy of, you should compare it to the Loan Estimate you received shortly after [...]

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What Are Comps & How Do They Affect My Property Value?

What Are Comps? Still a weird time to be, well, anyone. We're still keeping social distance, buying takeout, learning new stuff and waiting for someone behind a podium to give some good news. In the meantime and in light of learning new stuff, enjoy the debut of WWWWWH (Who, What, Why, When, Where & How). In it, you'll get some background on a given topic related to real estate. Today, we're discussing the well-worn concept of comparable properties (the cool kids call them "comps") and how they affect the value [...]

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How Will COVID-19 Affect My Property Value?

Welcome to Tall Expectations. This is the first of what you can expect to be a regular newsletter that will help you be better informed about your home and future real estate endeavors. Today it'll simply be the topic of the time (COVID-19) and how it may affect our home values and other real estate investments. Thank you for being a part of it and may God continue to bless you! -Chad How Will COVID-19 Affect My Home & Property? Unfortunately, nobody knows anything definitive yet because we are [...]

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